The ACM Global Computing Education Conference (CompEd) is SIGCSE’s newest and fourth conference. In general, the conference is held in regions where SIGCSE does not regularly hold conferences*. There will be three conferences initially, being held every other year before a review. The first CompEd was held in Chengdu, China on May 17-19 2019.

CompEd 2021 was scheduled for Hyderabad, India in December 2021, but Covid-19 intervened. The Steering Committee was committed to India and decided that the next conference will be held there. Additionally it was agreed that CompEd will be a physical attendance only conference. This is because the primary mission of CompEd is to bring the SIGCSE conference experience to areas of the world that do not typically host SIGCSE conferences. The 2021 conference was then postponed until 202x. In late 2021 it was determined that holding CompEd in 2022 was not feasible.

In December 2022 it was announced that CompEd 2023 will go ahead.

*Broadly, this excludes most North American and European countries however it could be possible to hold CompEd on these continents, depending on definition and the exact country in question. All locations in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia (including Oceania), and South America, as well as regions that are outside the textbook definition of a continent, are within scope for consideration. Expressions of interest to hold CompEd are welcome!