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Call for panels

CompEd Panels

Panel sessions provide an opportunity for expert panel members to present their views on a specific topic and then to discuss these views among themselves and with the audience. Usually, a panel session starts with a brief introduction of the panel topic and the participants, followed by short presentations by the panelists giving their views. They are scheduled in standard conference spaces. The 60-minute session must allow sufficient opportunity (at least 20 minutes) for an interactive question and answer period involving the panelists and the audience.

A typical panel will consist of up to four participants, including the moderator. Limiting a panel to four participants allows sufficient time for audience questions. Proposals with more than four panelists must convincingly show that all panelists will be able to speak, and the audience able to respond, within the session time.

Panel proposal review is NOT anonymous. Proposals will be reviewed by the panel chairs, considering the likely level of interest in the topic, the inclusion of panel members with multiple perspectives on the topic, and the likelihood that the panel will leave sufficient time for audience participation.

Formatting and Submitting the proposal

The proposal is limited to two pages and must adhere to ACM’s publication guidelines. For more details, see Formatting requirements on the call for submissions page.

The following modifications and exceptions apply:

  • When providing author information, indicate which of the panelists is the moderator by placing the word “Moderator” in parentheses after their name.
  • Do not include an abstract. Instead, the first section should be headed Summary and should provide a summary of the panel as written by the moderator.
  • Subsequent sections should contain the position statements of each panelist. The heading of each section should identify its author.
  • References are encouraged where appropriate, but are not required. If they are included, they should be placed in a separate section headed References and should conform with the formatting guidelines.

If accepted, the panel description will be allocated two pages in the conference proceedings and must adhere to the formatting requirements specified above.

Further details on the submission process are available on the call for submissions page.

Panel presentation

CompEd 2023 will be a face-to-face conference, and all members of an accepted panel will be required to register for the conference and to attend in person. See CompEd 2023 policies.

Further Questions?

Please contact the panel chairs