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Call for Expressions of Interest to Host the 
ACM Global Computing Education Conference (CompEd)

CompEd is currently postponed due to COVID-19. This will likely affect our future schedule. However we are continuing to accept expressions of interest and applications to host future conferences.

The ACM Global Computing Education Conference (CompEd) is SIGCSE’s newest conference, held every other year, anywhere in the world where SIGCSE does not have an annual conference (therefore not in Europe or North America). The first CompEd conference was held in Chengdu, China on May 17-19, 2019.

CompEd can be held any time of the year, but not too close to SIGCSE’s three other conferences. Roughly this leaves open January, April – May and October – December (inclusive). The conference is typically 2-3 days long with a break for a half-day excursion either during those days or a day before the conference. Working groups meet 2.5 to 3 days before the conference starts.

CompEd is governed by a steering committee of SIGCSE Members with one member on the SIGCSE Board. The steering committee recommends the conference host and site to the SIGCSE Board.

Submissions to host the CompEd conference should include a proposal that provides a brief biography and qualifications for the host, and a description of the conference venue and city, giving the details on space and other requirements listed below.

Proposals and questions on proposals should be directed to Brett Becker, Chair of the CompEd Steering Committee

Guidelines for hosting a CompEd conference:

The conference host must have:

  • prior attendance at multiple SIGCSE sponsored conferences;
  • a permanent appointment at a University in the country of the site location, preferably near the site;
  • collaborative and organizational skills sufficient to work on the Conference Committee and to oversee the conference;
  • ability to commit to attending the CompEd prior to the one they would like to host (if possible).

The conference venue and host city requirements are:

The venue could be a university or a hotel/convention center near a university and must be able to provide:

  • a lecture hall for the plenary sessions seating 150 or more people;
  • three lecture halls for parallel sessions each seating for about 75 people – the plenary space may double as a parallel session location;
  • a poster session/coffee break space large enough to hold 150 or more people – depending on climate and weather, this could be an outdoor space;
  • space for Birds of a Feather sessions – these could be in the three lecture halls;
  • a lunch space – this could be the coffee break space if lunches are catered, or a close by cafeteria/food court/dining hall/restaurant;
  • support for computer projection in all presentation areas;
  • approximately six rooms (with flexibility for a few more or less) each seating 10 or more people, with printer access, for working groups during the three days prior to the conference – this could be at a local university;
  • all spaces used for the conference must provide a secure robust WiFi network;
  • furthermore, all the above need to be in close proximity to each other and meet or exceed appropriate accessibility standards.

The host city should also support:

  • suitable accommodation options for delegates (on and/or off campus), ideally within walking distance to the conference venue – if not within walking distance, a plan must be provided for transportation to and from the venue and accommodation;
  • a robust and diverse set of dining opportunities from the inexpensive to the expensive.
  • transportation options, if appropriate, between the conference venue, housing locations, and the city center and/or dining options;
  • convenient access to an international airport;
  • excursion opportunities.

Informal expressions of interest are also welcome. Such expressions will trigger a discussion with a CompEd steering committee member to help clarify the nature of any responsibilities or operational details and help determine if a formal expression of interest is appropriate.

Proposals and questions on proposals should be directed to Brett Becker, Chair of the CompEd Steering Committee